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Handcrafted HOMEWARES

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Wild Interiors is excited to present a range of Homewares which are made from Natural Fibers with Handcrafted methods. No two items are the same, with each telling its own unique story.
Our collection of Homewares are hand made by Cate Wildman, using techniques such as
Bleach Tye-Dyeing
Bleaching using a stencil or natural items found in the garden or around my home
Ice Dyeing
Our Cushions are made from 100% natural fabrics like linen and cotton with our large cushions containing eco-friendly cushions inserts from Innergreen
Innergreen cushion inserts are made from recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) fiber here is Australia.  The fiber is derived from 100% plastic water bottles and looks, feels and performs in the same way as a high-grade poly fiber, but is completely recycled. For every 1kg of fiber used, they save around 70 water bottles from ending up in landfill. Their 
Recycled PET fiber is also 100% non-allergenic. 
We now have a range of Wall Art covered with the same Handcrafted fabrics. This unique Wall Art is created using an Ice Dyeing method on fabric to produce a blended watercolour effect and mounted over a timber frame.  This method delivers one of a kind pieces and is available in many sizes and can be Custom produced.
All available for purchase through our online shop... or our stockists...
I have just taken a 6 week Upholstery class and hope to produce  feature pieces of furniture covered in Icedyed upholstery fabric.  This will add an amazing feature to any room. Check out my first piece in the banner above....
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