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How to Measure a Window for Curtains

With existing Rod or Track.

Always measure the Curtain rod or track, not the window as the curtains are made to fit these not the window. 


Measure the total width of the pole (excluding the Finial).

example Curtain Rod. 

This is the same as with a Track but these do not have the Finial so measure from end to end.


This is called the Drop and is the measurement from where the curtains attach to the pole down to the floor. 

example Window.

Pleated Curtains - These are measured from the bottom of the Pole, where the bottom of the curtain ring is. To the floor

Tab Top and Eyelet Curtains - Do not use a ring they are hung directly off the pole so these are measured from the top of the curtains Pole to the floor.

If you wish to make your own curtains see our Curtain Calculator coming soon.